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Copyright 2011 Leatherworker Steven Goodson:  Chef Knife Roll.  All Rights Reserved.
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Crafted one at a time to last a lifetime
Alton Brown with new roll


This is a major milestone for me. I have shipped my 750th custom roll. Leatherworking started as a hobby then progressed to actual sales. Over the past three years it turned into a business. A business that I very much like. 

I am a blessed person to work for myself in my garage plus dealing with my great customers 
from all over the world 
makes me very humble.

I thank all that use and like the rolls and I am forever grateful.
Steve Goodson

750 rolls sold to over 37 COUNTRIES
700th roll sold to Chef Michael Mangone
Charlie Brown and Lucy are my "Quality Control Managers" 
hard at work!
Chef Ignacio with the 750th rolll
Thanks for the visit 
Goodson Knife Roll, leather-worker.com

These rolls are close to my heart because I am amazed that it is so well accepted in the Chef and culinary market. 
Because I have strived to make the best quality roll that will stand the rigors of daily use for many years I think that is why I have sold to over 37 countries and over 750 satisfied buyers.
I use only the best quality leather and solid brass hardware and rivets. I do not use sewing that will wear out or be cut by the knives. 
The roll is customized for each user to fit the knives so they will not touch and protect your precious knives from damage over the long run. 
I hope to make the best roll you ever have seen and it will last the rest of your career because of personal details to make roll that you can use now and for expansion later.
Steve Goodson

Helen Busch 
from Austria!
Roll 559