Tips & Care
A tip for slots that are too tight-
Just in case you get a new knife that you would like to fit into a slot that is too tight you can try the following:
1.Wet the slot liberally with a sponge, inside and out (distilled water is best).
2.Force the knife in the slot.
3.Insert a pencil or a screwdriver alongside the knife.
4.Let the roll dry overnight.
This should stretch the leather enough that the knife will slide in and out easily.

Care for the Tan Stoned Oil Cowhide-
This leather has a deep richness because it has been treated with oils, waxes and dyes in such a way that when the leather is pulled or stretched, the finish becomes lighter in the stretched areas. The give and “Old World” effect or “Aged” look. The color returns when light heat is applied or frictions created from rubbing with a cloth or your hand in that area. This is considered a mark of high quality. This durable leather is perfect for knife rolls.

Care for the handle-
The handle is made of Veg Tan Leather. It is different than the roll itself.
It does not have oils and waxes added when processed.
The Tan Stoned Oil Cowhide does not hand tool very well I need to use this leather.
After sometime this leather can dry out. I find that olive oil wiped on with a cloth will keep it from drying and give it a nice taste. Just don't eat it.

The roll is designed to have very little care needed.
As time goes by, the roll will get its own special patina from regular use.
The longer you have it, the better it will look.

If you think there are too many marks and you want to make them less apparent you can use a hair dryer and a 
very soft cloth to heat the leather and rub the marks. 
They will not totally disappear but you may think it looks better.

All hardware and rivets are solid brass and will not rust 
but also with get their own patina over time.

I do not use sewing on the slots or flap so 
they won't be cut deteriorate over time.

This roll is made to last a lifetime.

Care for Kodiak Leather-
Kodiak is a textured leather cow leather but is very similar to the Tan Stoned Oil Cowhide
I is lighter tan/brown but gets a used patina very quickly. I looks use and worn in in a short period of time but will wears as well as any other.


The "Tile" would be good protection for your roll and knives for little cost.
You can place a small TILE in your roll and you can find where you left it last or after a while you may be able to track down where it shouldn't be!

You can check the web site and see if this would work for you. I love it myself. Site listed below.